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Selangor, Malaysia.
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Hanna Bench pH Meter with Built-in Printer HI 122

Hanna Bench pH Meter HI2002

Benchtop pH/mV Meter With 0.01 Resolution

Hanna Portable pH Meter HI 991001

Liquid Conductivity or TDS value

Hanna Portable TDS Meter HI8734

Hanna Portable Multi-range Conductivity Meter HI 8733

DiST 1 Waterproof TDS Tester with 0-2000 ppm Range - HI98301

DiST 2 Waterproof High-Range TDS Tester - HI98302

Multiparameter pH/ORP/EC/TDS/Salinity/DO/Pressure/ Temperature Waterproof Meter

Multi-Range EC Meter

Waste Water Treatment Parameter

COD Test Tube Heater

Water & Wastewater Multiparameter (With COD) Photometer And pH Meter


Checktemp® Digital Thermometer - HI98501

Hanna Dip Thermometer HI 98539

General Purpose Extended Length K-Type Thermocouple Probe With Handle

Water Quality

Hanna Chlorine Meter

Free And Total Chlorine (Ultra High Range) Portable Photometer

Water Quality

Hanna Polarographic Dissolved Oxygen Meter HI 9142

Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter - HI9146

Check Liquid Total Dissolved Solid in Brix %

Hanna Refractometer HI 96801

Digital Refractometer For Refractive Index And Brix HI 96800

Water Quality

Hanna Backpack Lab Water Chemical Test Kit HI 3817BP

Hanna Water Quality Test Kit HI 3817

Hanna Alkalinity Test Kit HI 3811

Free Chlorine Test Kit, Extended Range

Water Quality

Portable Turbidity Meter ISO Compliant


Hanna Hydroponic pH/EC/TDS/'C Meter HI 9814

Hanna Soil pH meter HI 99121

Hanna Direct Soil EC Tester HI 98331

Hanna Soil pH tester HI 981030

Liquid Mixing

Hanna Magnetic Stirrer

Standards Solution and Spare Parts

WESTLAB pH buffer Solutions

Hanna Standard Buffer Solution pH 10.01

Hanna Standard Buffer Solution pH 4.01

Hanna Standard Buffer Solution pH 7.01

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